No ladies we're not talking about the size of his wallet or the size of his ego.

I know it's an old debate but seriously don't fool yourself if you think size doesn't matter. Keeping in mind that size is classified in different aspects. According to women the factors of size are girth over length when it comes to relationships between a woman and a man. Like really when a woman is in the bedroom before sex it's not likely she's braking out a ruler to jot down the exact inches in length and the circumference around. lol! But how do we eliminate the fuss about "does size really matter"? Here are some responses i've gotten..

Some women say "no, size does not matter". Some say "it's all in how you use it!". Others say it's about "being confident with your body is what's more important than size". I've even gotten the response of "no, if you have the motion of the ocean". And yes, believe it or not a lot of women say "of course size matters!"

This topic is usually touched on when women get together cause of course women like to talk and what better subject to chat about right? But would you be upfront and honest with your partner if he asked does size matter?

As long as we're not engaging with the "2 inch man" then size really doesn't matter. I get it, as women want to be aroused but when making the size a big deal that usually comes from a physical point of view, mentally you can be aroused by a man that's not packing an anaconda lol! Keep in mind sexual satisfaction also comes from stimulation of the clitoris and most women never have orgasms through vaginal stimulation alone. Some women feel the need to have the girth of a mans penis to feel the fillment.

So when we think of different things to help our mates in the size department don't be afraid to introduce adult enhancers to the bedroom while there's a variety of adult toys that men can use to enhance their size even if it's only for one night. There's also, a way for us as women to tighten our vagina yep! that's right it's called kegels which strengthens the vagina muscles making him feel bigger and us tighter. 🙂

Let us know your thoughts. Does size matter to you?

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